Why Summer Camp for your kids?...

Do you want your child to make a lifetime of memories and lifelong friends?  Are you wondering how to enable them to do this? Simple. Send them to summer camp.

Various countries have adopted the practice of sending children to summer camps. In addition to theoretical study, children need to receive diverse practical life experiences. One such diverse experience is that of a summer camp.

It is a practical way of learning even during the summer holidays. It not only keeps them busy but also helps them open up and make friends. However, if you are still sceptical about sending your child to summer camps, we have listed four major benefits of summer camps for children.

Have a look:

  • Provides a break from gadgets

Summer camps usually don’t allow children to use mobile phones or restrict the usage of gadgets. This can serve as a boon for your child in this technologically advanced era where even toddlers are busy with their electronic devices! It helps them refresh themselves and get in touch with nature. They learn how to have fun without accessing television, mobile phone, or their tablets.

  • Improves Skills

Summer camps are based on themes, sometimes multiple themes, sometimes single. It could be drawing, sketching, painting, dance, art, karate, or even singing. These activities can help hone your child’s skills and bring out their hidden talents. Very often children don’t realize their talent unless they are pushed to perform.  It is quite likely that post a few days of summer camp, you’ll have your child return with a boost in confidence and enhanced skills.

  • Acts as a platform to make friends

Unlike regular school/tuition, summer camps are attended by children from various grades, various localities, and sometimes even various cities! This serves as a platform and an opportunity for your child to meet new people, observe them, make friends with them and share new experiences with them!

  • Boosts Self-Confidence and independence

At summer camp, your child will meet new people, make new friends, and do many new activities. And most of all, your child will make his own decisions. This helps boost the self-confidence of your child and also makes them more independent. Overnight camps help build a lot of self-sufficiency in children. They have to wake up and get ready to be present for breakfast served to all, post which it isn’t available. It makes your child more ready and willing to decide for himself without your help and guidance.

  • Helps them make memories

Time spent with new people will be a very unique experience for your child and will result in life-long memories. Your child will grow up and say that “I still remember the summer camp my parents sent me to. It was the best phase of my life.” Summer camps are a joyous time for children, with many chit-chats, camaraderie, skill enhancement, ghost stories, bonfires and other fun activities. Your child will remember this experience well past his youth!

So, whether it is a one-day camp or an overnight camp ranging from a few days to a few weeks, you can get your child enrolled in it without hesitation. And if you are hesitant because your child might get homesick, then there’s a way to find out. You can let your child stay overnight at your close relative’s house and see how the child copes up with it. Eventually, your children would be not just okay, but also excited with the idea of attending a summer camp!

Dancingly Yours,
Heather Wayne.