10 Dancer affirmations to boost your child’s confidence

Dancer Affirmation

If  your child is facing difficulty coping with the dance steps at a dance class or remembering the sequence of steps, or is low on energy by the middle of a dance routine.

Often, children feel like giving up on a particular study, skill, or practice when they hit a minor roadblock. But it is at such times that they must be motivated and encouraged to believe in themselves. These are minor problems that go away with time and hard work, but how can you make your child understand that?

We have a simple solution for you. You can ask your child to keep reciting these simple dancer affirmations to keep him motivated:

  1. I am my only competition, and I wish to grow into a better dancer everyday
  2. I will always encourage other dancers who share the same goals as me
  3. I am giving my best each day.
  4. I will keep moving ahead in my journey with commitment and dedication towards my goal
  5. My personal growth is most important to me, and I take pride in myself
  6. I will practice dance with all my heart and passion everyday
  7. I will be patient with myself and learn at my own pace
  8. I will not hesitate to seek guidance from my teachers whenever I need it.
  9. I am talented and in the process of nurturing my talent.
  10. I will always believe in myself.

With these marvellous dancer’s affirmations, your child will be supercharged and motivated for his dance classes. Especially when you enrol your child with Heather Wayne’s Performing Arts, they are sure to bloom into a skilful and graceful dancers within no time!

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