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Dance Classes offered at HWPA

What is Heather Wayne Performing Arts Academy?

Heather Wayne's Performing Arts offers classes in Creative Movement and Combination classes as well as Pre-Professional training In Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Acting/Theatre, Professional Master Classes, Musical Theatre, Tumbling and more!

What is Heather Wayne Performing Arts Academy?

Classical Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Tumbling, Hip-Hop, Creative Movement, Combo classes and competitive dance teams. These classes will perform in our Year End Recital. The Shows are held in June every year, at The Venue at Friendship Springs.

Ballet Classes

Ages 4-7
19 nov

Classical Ballet is an artistic dance form using precise and highly formalized set steps and gestures characterized by light, graceful, and fluid movements. Ballet is the foundation for all other genres of dance. It is highly recommended for any dance student in addition to their other classes and is a must for the serious dancer. Serious training with emphasis on detailed technique begins around age 7. Students begin by learning barre excercises which teach them proper body alignment, the coordination of using their legs and arms simultaneously, steps and terminology of steps. Dancers eventually add center floor excercises to further their knowledge and when ready the addition of pointe shoes. All of this progressive training is based on a proven syllabus. We are very proud that our classes and professional instructors are the very best with outstanding results.

Ballet Attire:

Black leotard (solid)
Pink tights
Pink leather ballet shoes w/ velvet bottom

Tap Classes

Ages 5 to 7
Dance 2

Learning to tap dance is a skill that will last a lifetime for young children and older adults. Learning to tap dance is learning to play a musical instrument with your feet and tap shoes. This is a music class which incorporates making music with dance technique. Beginners start by learning the basic shuffle and flap. Young students spend a lot of time on tap technique. As students mature, they progress through a series of leveled steps & Rhythms. Our tap students have won tap scholarships to attend summer tap Intensives.

Tap Attire:

Solid leotard
Tan tights
Audio jazz "bloch" tap shoe (tan)
Jazz capris (optional)
Jass shorts
**Tap Shoe Capezio 3800C Tan

Jazz Classes

Ages 4 to 7
Dance 77

Jazz dancing lays the groundwork for technique in up-beat dancing. Students will learn a variety of dance combinations, jumps and turns. This class is a must for students wanting to learn the fundamentals of classic jazz technique. The music selection ranges from popular top 40 hits of various decades. Learn the latest steps and trends from street and social dance and transition them into Jazz dance.

Jazz Attire:

Solid leotard
Tan tights
Jazz gore boot
Jazz shorts
Jazz capris
**Jazz shoe Style Capezio EJ2
in Caramel

Hip Hop Classes

Ages 4 Years to Adult
hwpa dance georgia

Learn the latest new moves like seen on TV, current music videos, and L.A.'s coolest street style dance. Hip-Hop is the newest trend in dance, and refers to street dance styles primarily performed to Hip-Hop music. Students will learn what it takes to make basic dance moves look hip and funky as they move to upbeat techno mixes with strong base. All of our Hip-Hop classes are conservative with age-appropriate music and dance moves. We are proud to be a classy studio with conservative as well as age-appropriate music and costumes.

Hip Hop Attire:

Black Capezio dance sneaker
Comfortable clothing (no jeans)
Shorts and/or jazz capris

Blackbox Players Classes

Ages 8 & Up
Acting_Theater 22

Is it your dream to be a triple threat on Broadway?

A Triple Threat is a singer, dancer, and actor/actress. In this class students will use basic skills from ballet, jazz, tap, and voice in Broadway-themed musical routines. Theatrical vocabulary, improvisation, acting, audition techniques and singing will also be covered in this high energy, performance-based class. This class will require a few costumes and students will attend one competition. Fees will apply. Each student will get the opportunity to learn a monologue, a production number, and high energy dances. This class is ideal for any young artist that dreams of a professional performing career as a dancer on Broadway!

Drama/Acting/Voice Attire: 

Comfortable Clothing,
Tennis shoes/ NO FLIP FLOPS
Hair pulled off neck

Acting/Musical Theatre Classes

Acting_Theater 23

Actor/Actress, Dancer, and Singer. Students will learn the fundamentals of theatrical vocabulary, improvisation, acting, audition techniques and singing. This class will require costumes for performance and students will attend one competition (additional fees will apply). Students will get the opportunity to learn a monologue, production number and a high energy dance. This class is ideal from any young artist that dreams of a professional career as a performer on Broadway.

Drama/Acting/Voice Attire: 

Comfortable Clothing,
Tennis shoes/ NO FLIP FLOPS
Hair pulled off neck

Creative Movement Classes

Ages 3 & 4
Dance 70

This is the perfect class for your young dancer. We focus on creative movement which builds on the necessary gross motor skills needed for primary dance instruction. We use fun, upbeat music to learn basic skills like hopping, skipping, jumping, galloping, and balance coordination. Students will engage in dramatic music movement and learn introductory ballet steps. These include plies, tendu, releve, arabesque, the five positions of the feet, and other introductory dance steps. We use pretend play with music through dance instruction.

Creative Movement Classes Attire:

Solide leotard
Pink tights
Pink ballet shoes w/ suede bottom

Combo Classes- Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Primary students have the option of participating in a Tap/ballet, Ballet/ Jazz, or Tap/Jazz combination class. During this stage of dance development, introductory technique is the primary focus in Ballet. Students learn the 5 positions of the feet, arm positions, and participate in basic barre exercises such as plies, tendus, and rond de jambe. Tap technique includes steps like stamp, shuffles, stomps, flaps, running flaps, buffalos, maxi ford, drawbacks, and many more. Students will dance a series of repetitive movements which build upon each other. The Tap or Jazz combinations and ballet technique learned throughout the year are choreographed into a dance piece which is performed in our annual recital.

Combination Classes Attire: 

Solid leotard
Pink or tan tights
Pink ballet shoes w/ suede bottom
Tan tap shoe (Mary Jane, style #3800)
Tan jazz shoe boot

Flex/Acro Classes

Age 7 & Up
Summer Dance Camp

Students in the "tumbling" classes will progress at an individual rate. Students will be expected to demonstrate proficiency for each acrobatic exercise before attempting one of a higher level. All classes will begin with warm-up exercises designed to help with flexibility, stretch and strength. Many of the warm-up exercises are similar to those performed for jazz and yoga. Beginning students will be taught the basics, such as, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, headstands, and back bends. More advanced students will work on round-offs, walkovers, handsprings, aerials, and layouts. This class is designed to drill and practice tricky steps to better the dancer. They also get conditioning, strength, and flexibility training. To take this class you must have experience in Ballet and Jazz, not for the beginner dancer.

* This class will not perform in the Year-end recital!

Tumbling Attire:

Shorts and/or jazz capris
Bare feet


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All Heather Wayne's Performing Arts performances are held at The Venue at Friendship Springs 

  • Christmas
  • Year-End Recital
  • Fall and Spring Musicals

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