DANCE IS ALSO A FORM OF EDUCATION – Essential for kids’ Growth

Kids, no matter which age they are at must engage in some or the other form of expressive arts that are fun to pursue as a hobby and that promote their overall mental and physical development creatively. Dancing is perhaps the simplest and the most fun activity that any child would absolutely love to pursue, throughout their lives.

While we encourage our kids to engage in regular literary activities and focus on their grades while pursuing their hobbies, it is now high time that we motivate them to routinely engage in the activity of dancing so for polishing their mental and physical wellness. Dancing, as simple as it may sound is a wonderful activity that enhances the flow of happy hormones in the brain and stimulates creativity among kids. More so, dancing is a wonderful aerobic exercise that promotes weight loss and activeness among kids. It also helps in polishing kids’ social skills while they interact with other students and use it as a medium of expression for themselves.

A human brain is divided into two hemispheres. While the left side of the brain is known to handle methodological, or patterned thinking, the right side of the brain is responsible for creativity and artistic thinking. Dance education is one of the fewest activities which involves the usage of both the sides of the brain, therefore promoting all-round thinking. While the body moves to the sound of rhythm and beats, the mind simultaneously processes it to decide movements and co-ordinate perfectly.

Studies from all round the world have shown that during dance education is vital for a thorough development of the creative side of the brain. Dancing is not just about imitating movements and performing them, but it has a lot to do with memory development, physical and mental coordination and imaginative skills. A dance class is not just a sweat session, it is a highly evolved educational activity that directly or indirectly involves mathematics, spatial science, awareness and consistent sessions of creative movement.

As long as human beings have known how to stand up and carry themselves, it is since that time that they have known all about dance. To dance, is natural behavior, it is a there our human genes, and, the best part is that dancing can be as unique as our personalities. There is no right or wrong way to do it! The point is simply, in doing it.

If parents are looking for a way to develop and polish their kids’ all-round intelligence, then there can be no better way than to add dance as a form of education in their curriculum and letting them enjoy the same alongside their usual studies.

You can find numerous books that cover both education and dance, which kids would love to read as they also cover aspects of the school curriculum such as the alphabet, counting or any type of literature, math or even topics related to science. Let’s expose our children to new fun ways of learning different concepts that need deep understanding and learning.

Dancingly Yours,

Heather Wayne.