Owner/Artistic Director

Birthday: 02/05/1975

Family: Family of 4, Husband Jon Wayne and daughters Ella Kay (11) and Adelyn (8)

What do you teach at Heather Wayne’s Performing Arts: My favorite classes to teach are the 3 & 4 year olds and combo classes of Tap and Jazz. However, you can find me teaching all classes at some point.


Restaurant: Steakhouse

Food: Steak & a good salad with 1000 island dressing

Candy: Sweet Tarts

Shoes: Flip Flops

Accessories: Diamond Earrings

HWPA Performance: Most recent and/or current shows. I am always proud of the last show we do.

3 Hobbies:

1.Traveling to visit my sister in Charleston, SC

2.Meeting (just kidding but I have a lot of them)

3.Dance Competitions

4.Binge watching Netflix shows when I find a good one

Special Trait: Being a Mom to Ella Kay and Adelyn

What are you doing when you’re not dancing/teaching? With my girls and taking them everywhere, sleeping or resting.

What is your best/funniest dance story: Hey, it’s Heather here.

Something about yourself that others would not know: I love my job and all the kids and families that come into my studio.

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