Studio Administrator Manager

Birthday: 01/22/1964

Family: Tom, Victoria, Rachael & Jack

What do you teach at Heather Wayne’s Performing Arts: Great Friendly Customer Service

Favorites: Great Wine, great friends & family times

Restaurant: 04W in Duluth, Mori House in Suwanee & Flatlands in Alpharetta.

Candy: Dark Chocolate

3 Hobbies:

1.Love the outdoors  


3.Ice Skating



Special Trait: I can sew and do alterations on anything. I love to design and sew Dance costumes.

What are you doing when you’re not dancing/teaching? Organizing my house, baking, gardening, exercising, watching movies, reading and traveling

What is your best/funniest dance story: Watching a group dance, checking the costumes for any sewing adjustments & loving the song and dance so much, that I yelled out to all of them to “feel the emotion and dance with your soul”. They always thought of me and that dance seemed to take 1st place all the time.  

Something about yourself that others would not know: My Senior year of High School, I was the Dance Team Captain and have a dance move called the Barbara kick.