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In the spirit of the famous Ellen’s Stardust Diner in NYC -- Come along and join us as we transform our Blackbox theater into a BROADWAY BISTRO and perform songs, dances, and monologues from our favorite shows! Campers will strengthen their vocal, dance, and acting skills through mini-workshops, and performances in solo, small group, and ensemble numbers that will culminate as a performance in an immersive Bistro atmosphere.

Come and explore the big blue world with this lively new stage musical based on the beloved Pixar film!

Camp Dates & Timings:
June 12-16th from 10:00am-2:00pm

Friday, June 16th at 5:00pm and 7:00pm

8yrs to 12yrs and 13yrs to 17yrs

Camp Pricing:

Voice Lessons: You will learn vocal and breathing techniques. You will be instructed on acting through a Musical Theater song. We will work on classical technique as well as Pop Rock and Musical Theater style singing.

Acting Scene Work: Each student will work through scenes with their fellow classmates. This will build their skills of working with their scene partner, as well as memorization skills to perform the scene in front of their peers.

Monologue Work: Students will work one on one to develop their monologue auditioning skills. Memorization will be worked on as well as how to present a monologue in front of their peers.

Ensemble Singing: This particular skill is key when performing in a musical. You must learn how to blend with others vocally as well as harmonize and sing in unison.

Musical Theater Choreography: The students will learn Musical Theater Style choreography that pertains to the "Finding Nemo Jr." style.

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