Beginner/Intermediate Jazz & Beginner Tap

Birthday: December 8th

Family: I have a family that’s made up of one husband, two kids and one dog!   

What do you teach at Heather Wayne’s Performing Arts: Jazz and Dancing for Actors and Musical Theater


Restaurant: Antico Pizza

Food: Any Cuban food my Mom makes

Accessories: Earrings   

HWPA Performance: Lion King… So far.

3 Hobbies:

  1. Reading
  2. Cooking  
  3. Singing really loud in the car  

Special Trait: I can always find the positive

What are you doing when you’re not dancing/teaching? Chasing my kids and enjoying the outdoors

What is your best/funniest dance story: So many… Once during a show, I accidentally flicked my character shoe off and it hit the pianist in the face.

Something about yourself that others would not know: I’m Cuban and I’ve lived in Italy and China

kristin hwpa