Creative Movement

Birthday: 07/15/1992

Family:Too many to name  

What do you teach at Heather Wayne’s Performing Arts: Creative Movement and combo Ballet and Jazz


Restaurant: True Food Kitchen

Food: Hmm… I can’t choose a favorite food. I’m not a picky eater!

Candy: I love Italian Jelly Candy

Shoes: My cherry red Dr. Martens  

HWPA Performance: Waterfall but that was years ago!

3 Hobbies:

  1. Horseback riding
  2. Poetry
  3. Dancing of course  

Special Trait: Love making everyone feel comfortable  

What are you doing when you’re not dancing/teaching? Working on film sets in Atlanta or making espresso

What is your best/funniest dance story: I’d tell you but I’ve been sworn to secrecy.

Something about yourself that others would not know: Growing up I always wanted to play Soccer instead of going to Ballet class. Here I am several years later teaching little Ballerinas to love Ballet too. You could say, I had some pretty good teachers!