Ballet Instructor

Birthday: 06/15/1998

Family: My mom is an elementary school Para-Pro and my sister is a Psychology Major

What do you teach at Heather Wayne’s Performing Arts: Ballet


Restaurant: Longhorns, Olive Garden, Provinos and Samurai Blue

Food: I love Sushi

Candy: Anything sour


  1. Dancing
  2. Teaching   
  3. Choreographing
  4. Yoga
  5. Stretching
  6. Writing
  7. Redecorating
  8. Gardening

Special Trait: I have an adaptive personality

What are you doing when you’re not dancing/teaching? Working at a restaurant, stretching, listening to podcasts, walking with my older sister and going to the park.  

What is your best/funniest dance story: The Ballet company I was performing with was doing a Ballet version of Disney’s “Frozen” and I was performing as Anna. My dress strap broke during the song, “Love Is An Open Door” duet and I had to hold the dress up for over half the dance. My partner and I had to improve because I was limited with the use of my arm. The minuet I got off stage there was a safety pin ready for me to finish the first act of the show.

Something about yourself that others would not know: I can consume many tacos at a time and I am addicted to avocados.

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