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Jennifer Delfin is a Mom of two boys, Kindergarten teacher and Dance instructor at Heather Wayne's Performing Arts. Her love for dance started early on, as a 4 year old who fell in love with musicals and Shirley Temple movies.

Soon after her parents enrolled her in dance classes and she has been dancing ever since! She attended performing arts schools in both Elementary and High school and majored in Dance at Shenandoah Conservatory.

It was there that she found her second love, Education and picked up a minor in Education. After graduating, she combined both loves as the Regional Director of Little People's Creative Workshop, a program that brought the love of dance to preschools and schools in the Northern Virginia Area.

She also taught in various studios/art academy's in the Northern Virginia Area, specializing in young children- ages 2-5.

Upon moving to Georgia, Jennifer found Heather Wayne Performing Arts as the perfect place to continue sharing her passion for dance to young children and helping them to fall in love with the art that has been her outlet for so many years.

She's excited to teach your young dancer and to show them that dance is a fun way to express yourself, build confidence and grow!.

Jenn Delfin
Independent Diamond Beachbody Coach
Ultimate Portion Fix Master Coach
IG- @thefitadventuresofjenn