Teena Stinespring


Teena Stinespring

Teena Stinespring

Board Member

Favorites: Restaurant, Food, Candy, Shoes, Accessories & HWPA Performance *

Sea-n-Suds, Gulf Shores, AL

Anything seafood

My grandmother's potato candy

Gotta have heels!

Anything with bling!

HWPA Performance:
My girls high school Senior year!

3 Hobbies:
Water Skiing
Being with my family & friends

Special Trait:
Organizational Skills

What are you doing when you're not dancing/teaching?
When I am not being an HWDC Dance Mom to all the dancers & HWDC Board member, I am working @ Anesthesia Associates of Gainesville, LLC

What is your best/funniest dance story?
The best dance story is the life-long friendships I have made since my daughter started @ HWPA in 2003, when she was 7 years old. It's amazing what fantastic relationships can develop from having such a committed director like Heather Wayne who treats her students & their families as family.

Something about yourself that others would not know.
I'm pretty much an open book!