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Three simple ways to boost the confidence of your child

By Heather Wayne | September 28, 2021

Every parent wants their child to feel confident about themselves and their abilities. But easier said than done, right? So, what must a parent do to create an environment that motivates their child and builds their confidence? Here are three simple ways to boost the confidence of your child: Talk positive things Don’t talk negatively … Read more

Why Summer Camp for your kids?…

By Heather Wayne | July 3, 2021

Why Summer Camp for your kids?… Do you want your child to make a lifetime of memories and lifelong friends?  Are you wondering how to enable them to do this? Simple. Send them to summer camp. Various countries have adopted the practice of sending children to summer camps. In addition to theoretical study, children need … Read more

DANCE IS ALSO A FORM OF EDUCATION – Essential for kids’ Growth

By Heather Wayne | February 26, 2021

Kids, no matter which age they are at must engage in some or the other form of expressive arts that are fun to pursue as a hobby and that promote their overall mental and physical development creatively. Dancing is perhaps the simplest and the most fun activity that any child would absolutely love to pursue, … Read more