AAA School of Fine Arts



Braselton Location
5370 Thompson Mill Rd
Hoschton, GA 30548


$200.00 per week (Monday - Friday) 
Registration Fee is $100.00
Space is Limited.   


This is all day 7:30 am-3:30 pm. depending on your school requirements.

AAA School of Fine Arts in action

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Rules and Guidelines

The safety of dancers and staff at Heather Wayne Performing Arts is of paramount importance. The following guidelines will be strictly enforced during Dancers Workshop. We appreciate your assistance by observing all guidelines below with fidelity.
Studio Access:
● Entrances and exits through the front doors ONLY. The Diner door will remain locked.
● As you enter the building, immediately turn to the right and complete a “Temperature Check”. Temperatures will be recorded. Temperatures 100.2 degrees and below will be allowed entry into Dancers Workshop. Temperatures above 100.2 degrees will be prohibited from participating in Dancers Workshop until temperature remains 100.2 degrees or below for 24 hours without fever reducing medication.
● A mask or face shield is required while in the building, outside of a classroom studio.
● Heather Wayne Performing Arts lobby is closed. We ask all parents to utilize the student pick-up and drop off outside the studio front door. We will communicate with parents, when necessary through email.
● Bathroom Access: The restrooms are accessible by one person at a time. Doors may be closed during occupancy but MUST remain open when NOT occupied. Upon exiting the restroom, we ask students to WASH hands in accordance with the CDC hand washing guidelines and prop the door open using the foot prop. All studio classrooms have hand sanitizer. All students will use hand sanitizer upon entry and exit of the classroom studios. Additionally, students will sanitize hands upon entry to the building.
● Hand sanitizer will remain available and accessible to students throughout the day.
● All dance wear should be brought daily inside dance bag. Shoes should be to enter and exit required classes. All shoes and attire MUST be kept inside dance bags.
● Water fountains MAY NOT be accessed at any time during the day. Therefore, students MUST bring water for their personal use for the DURATION of daily Dancers Workshop.
● Lunches should be brought daily by students. We WILL NOT allow students to exit the building for lunches, in order to further reduce exposure.
● Office access for staff ONLY.
In order for all of us to stay safe, respect the rules to help the fight against Covid-19. We appreciate your support to ensure we are moving forward in these challenging times.